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About our Company

Move My Junk, LLC is a junk/waste removal service operating in the Polk County areas of Central Florida. We help you remove all your unwanted items and even recommend additional services you need. Our team is full of dedicated individuals who have years of experience in junk removal and deliver excellent customer service.


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Why Choose Us

Time Saving

We have been in the business for years. Save valuable time and let us handle your junk for you.


Move My Junk, LLC. is especially experienced to do the job safely and correctly.

Affordable pricing

Save money by paying professionals to get rid of your junk, forget about renting trucks or worrying about having the proper tools, and still pay others for help.

Peace of mind

Show us where the junk is, and with no effort on your part, our team will take care of it.



Do I have to put all items I need gone in one pile?

No. It is totally up to the customer if they would prefer that, however we'll go wherever in or around the property to get the items.

Does the customer have to be onsite during MMJ's visit?

No. The customer can tell us what they want removed if the items are outside, or the property is on a manual lock box, and we'll give the estimate and take payment via phone.

What items can you not take?

tires, paint, automobile/mechanical gas cans with gas, hazardous liquids and chemicals, cooking gas, freon.

Can MMJ disconnect and remove appliances and hot tubs?

We do not disconnect appliances nor hot tubs. These items must be fully disconnected before we arrive and should have a clear passage for us to use to remove these items.

Does MMJ dismantle and remove above ground swimming pools?

Yes. There is however a labor charge associated with the dismantling.

Does MMJ dismantle and remove storage sheds?

Yes. There is however a demolition fee involved.

Does MMJ work on holidays, Sundays and after hours?

Yes. MMJ offers Holiday, Sunday and after hour services at an additional cost.

Does MMJ offer vehicle removal service?

Yes. However, the vehicle must be drivable or has the ability to be drivable. The vehicle must also have a clear title, signed by the owner.

Does MMJ donate and also recycle?

Yes. Items in great or excellent condition are donated, and cardboard, pallets, etc are taken to recycling plants.

What makes MMJ different than other junk removal companies?

We go above and beyond what we are contracted to do (eg. Help customer move items from one area of the property to another, we clean up the areas where we removed junk from, our main concern is that our customers are extremely satisfied with our services, and we currently have an excellent 4.8 Google Rating.

Junk Removal Done Right

We make the job look easy, call us today and get a quote.